What Causes Prostate To Shrink?

What Causes Prostate To Shrink?

This is the most common genital disease for men. In many cases, patients develop between the ages of 25 and 50 years.

According to various data, prostatitis affects from 30 to 85% of men over 30 years old. Perhaps they send the prostate causing testicles and inflammation of the prostate, threatening infertility.

As the infection progresses, this causes inflammation (cystitis, pyelonephritis) at the top of the genital organ.

Damage occurs when an infected factor that has entered the prostate tissue from gaps (urethra, bladder) or remotely inflammatory parts (pneumonia, influenza, tonsillitis).

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Causes Of Prostatitis

Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter, Susedomus, Klebsiera and Chiskris (E. and Chiskella) can act as infectious agents in an acute process.

Most microorganisms belong to the opportunistic pathogenic bacteria plexus, causing prostatitis only when other primary causes exist. Chronic inflammation is usually caused by several drugs.

Disease risk in disease increases when temperature, specific infection, and prostate tissue are overburdened. The following grounds are different.

  • General hypothermia (one or permanent, associated with working conditions).
  • A professional job (computer operator, driver, etc.) That is forced to sit down and sit down for a long time.
  • I always have constipation.
  • Normal rhythm of sexual activity (incomplete ejaculation in “normal” intercourse that lacks excessive sexual activity, long-term abstinence, emotional color).
  • If there is a chronic disease (cholecite, bronchitis) or a nest of chronic infection in the body (chronic bone martitis, irrational caries, tonsillitis, etc.).
  • Infectious urology (urethritis, cystitis, etc.), consumptive diseases (chlamydia, trichomonas, gonorrhea).
  • A condition that causes suppression of the immune system (chronic tendency, irregular nutritional status, regular sleep deprivation, overtraining of athletes).

It is believed that chronic intoxication (alcohol, nicotine, morphine) increases the risk of occurrence. In the field of modern androids, there are also studies demonstrating that chronic groin injuries (vibration, vibration) in car drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists are causative factors.

However, experts overwhelmingly believe that all of the above conditions are not real causes, but only exacerbate the underlying inflammatory process in the prostate tissue.

It is the retention of prostate tissue that plays a decisive role in the development of prostatitis. Violation of blood flow in the capillaries causes an increase in the content of lipid peroxide, swelling and exudation of prostate tissues, creating conditions for the development of infectious diseases.

Symptoms Of Prostatitis

Oxidation Of Prostatitis

Acute prostatitis has three stages, characterized by the presence of a specific clinical picture and morphological changes.

  • Acute Catarrh: Patients with acute prostate cancer complain of frequent and often painful urination, pain in the sacrum and perineum.
  • Acute Follicles: The pain becomes more intense, sometimes radiating to the anus, aggravated by extraction.

Difficulty urinating, with a thin stream of urine. Sometimes urinary retention is noted. Hypotension or mild hyperthermias are typical.

  • Acute Substantial: This is a general intoxication, high temperature up to 38-40 ° c, chills. Dysuric disorders, often acute urinary retention. Sharp, throbbing pain in the perineum. It’s hard to be disappointed.

Typical Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate glands are small organs that only men have. Its structure is like a sponge and is located under the bladder to wrap around the urethra.

And due to the influence of male hormones, it develops from puberty, and as an adult, its weight reaches 20 grams.

It develops “secrets”, one of the ingredients that make up semen, and plays an important role in the male sexual systems.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, mature old people often find a gland over the formation and organs of malignant new creatures.

How To Recognize Cancer

As the tumor grows and the symptoms of prostate cancer progress, depending on the treatment process. If the disease is still in the first or second stage, the tumor is limited to the prostate and does not invade nearby tissues or metastasize.

Prostate cancer has few subjective symptoms in the early days, so to speak, “immersion”. The men have no particular complaints, are in good physical condition and have no reason to consult.

Consequently, this type of tumor is often left unattended. An exception is a patient who has discovered a benign new prostate product in the past.

However, finding prostate cancer is not always easy. Even if you do a biopsy, there is already cancer, even if the results are abnormal.

This is due to a bug with this method that it simply doesn’t hit the local focus position. If prostate lesions are suspected, especially if cancer is suspected, a fusion biopsy should be performed, which can be used as accurately as possible by combining real-time ultrasound and MR T-functions.

However, in general, if the symptoms of prostate cancer cannot be ignored, men ask for help.

  • Anomaly of the genital systems s-in semen, all erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation.
  • Urologists’ i-effort to urinate, poor urine flow, intermittent, frequent urination.
  • Often I want to scream in the middle of the night and the bladder is not completely destroyed.
  • Systemic malaise, weakness of physical strength, constant fatigue, sudden weight loss, etc.

Some of them are associated with lesions of the prostate, while others are mechanical pressure and coating of the urethra.

The bladder should be regularly empty, so if you disrupt this process, you may be delayed, inflamed or bacterial infection.

If you don’t take action, you may spread more and more and already have pyelonephritis or kidney disease.

This is even more pronounced in stage 4 prostate cancer. Metastases are often found in the bones, spine, and lymph nodes. This leads to enlarged peripheral lymph nodes, bone damage, weight loss and weakness.

Reasons For The Development Of Prostatitis

There are two groups of causes of the development of the disease: infections and congestion. Infectious prostatitis can be caused by various bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

The most common pathogens are nonspecific microorganisms: staphylococci, streptococci, Escherichia coli, Proteus, somewhat less often – specific microorganisms: gonococci, Trichomonas, etc. Recently, the number of chlamydial, mycoplasmal, etc. has increased. Prostatitis.

The cause of congestive (congestive) prostatitis is the stagnation of secretion in the prostate gland and / or blood in the veins of this organ, which most often occurs in the following cases:

  • Interruption Of Sexual Intercourse;
  • Artificial Retention Of Ejaculation During Shortened Sexual Intercourse;
  • Lack Of Regularity Of Sexual Life And Prolonged Abstinence;
  • Incomplete Ejaculation Due To Stress Or Overwork;
  • Long Stay In A Sedentary Sitting Position (For Example, Drivers, Office Workers, Etc.);
  • Against The Background Of A Number Of Diseases (Constipation, Hemorrhoids), Hypothermia;
  • With Alcohol Abuse.

Congestive prostatitis very quickly becomes bacterial due to infection. It is known that in many cases prostatitis is preceded or accompanied by inflammation in the urethra (urethritis).

In Conclusion, the three most common causes of prostate shrinkage are advancing age, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy.

While there are other potential causes, these three are the most likely culprits. If you are experiencing prostate shrinkage, speak to your doctor to discuss treatment options.

But if you don’t want to go for other burden of treatment you can choose medications for your prostate enlarged problem.

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